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Penfed Approval - Sort of.......

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Penfed Approval - Sort of.......

So having been in with PenFed for the last 2-3 years and 3 cards, Power Cash 14.5K, Platinum Rewards Visa 5K, and Promise Visa 29.5k....I get this "fill in the blank" Bank Draft  saying "Approved Personal Loan" for up to 25K.  The APR is high to me @ 12.99%.  Probably won't use any of it but it is good to know it is there.  This is the 2d bank draft offer I have received from them, the 1st was for 15K with APR of 9.49%.  Didn't use it either. 



It just feels great to get these offers and again I have the thank the MyFICO community for the guidance to get my credit back in shape after a divorce.  If this post is in the wrong place I apologize and ask the mods to move or delete it.

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