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Personal Lending Group for personal loans?

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Personal Lending Group for personal loans?

I'm posting this question here under "credit cards" because I cannot find a place for personal loans.


I continue to receive a pre-qualified offer in the mail from Personal Lending Group offering consolidation loans to $80,000.


I have minimal credit card debt (about $3000) but I do have substantial personal loans due to kid's colleges; weddings, etc.


Has anyone ever heard of these folks?   I searched online and didn't find anything.   Couldn't find anything in the Community either.


Many thanks!

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Re: Personal Lending Group for personal loans?

Is the name of the financial place actually called "personal lending group"?? Ive never heard of them before......

If you're looking into personal loans, try your local CU, or places like Discover personal loans, Sofi, lending club, etc...those are more well known.
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