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Rock and a hard place.

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Re: Rock and a hard place.

Have you asked your employer for an advance on your paycheck?

Do you have some items you can sell on Craigslist?

Ask LL if they would accept a post-dated check.


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Re: Rock and a hard place.

Just to update.

I spoke with an attorney, as I paid first and last months rent at the beginning of my lease. First months rent was applied, last months was not yet applied. They were going to just “soak” that money up. Once my attorney spoke with them, within 5 minutes I received an email saying “we have good news regarding your lease” and it was detailed with how my last months rent would be applied.

Life is funny sometimes and miracles do happen.

Just thought I’d update this just in case anyone else ever gets into a situation out of their control (Government shutdowns).
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Re: Rock and a hard place.

Glad it worked out for you!

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