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SchoolsFirst FCU Summer Saver

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SchoolsFirst FCU Summer Saver

I just signed up for membership for SchoolsFirst FCU due to me working as a peer tutor for my college, and has comparable auto loan rate as NFCU and PenFed.


For their Summer Saver, it says "Monthly deposits through payroll deduction, payroll direct deposit or automatic share-to-share transfer only." I would love to move some of my savings here due to really great rate, however when I look at their funds transfer it won't let me transfer from one share to this Summer Saver, even if I set it as monthly. Any insight for this?

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Re: SchoolsFirst FCU Summer Saver

try transferring to checking and back to saver, or ACH push/pull to other banks then ACH back to the saver you mentioned

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Re: SchoolsFirst FCU Summer Saver

Or just give them a call. They are pretty easy to work with and can tell you how to get it done. But you may need to transfer to another one of your accounts and then back.

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