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SoFi Visa Debit or Mastercard

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SoFi Visa Debit or Mastercard

is these both same thing or different? becuase I've been investing with them lately and just opened thier money account so I can transfer my stock $$ into it and use the card but I read it somewhere it has MC version, but why I got the Visa debit version?  I want to be sure.



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Re: SoFi Visa Debit or Mastercard

There are a couple threads that provide some context on the Debit product transition and the forthcoming launch of a credit card product:


The CC thread provides a bit of background as well:

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Re: SoFi Visa Debit or Mastercard

Everyone currently has the Visa version. Everyone will receive a new card starting this month that is a MasterCard.

The credit card that SoFi is hinting at has not been launched. 

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