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Stash Investments??


Stash Investments??





So can anyone tell me how stash works and how i make money with it by only investing X ammount a weak?




How im trading on right now on Etrade where i pay list price for each stock then when im ready i sell it and make my profits by only selling the stock when the price is being drove up.


Thanks In Advance


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Re: Stash Investments??

I love StashInvest but it isn't a replacement for really getting a brokerage account of some type.


I use StashInvest for microinvestments that add up over time.  If I am out and about thinking about going to Starbucks but I make the decision to put off a $4 cup of coffee, I'll send $4 to StashInvest.  Works great and this year so far I'm up to over $520 in money socked away just skipping little things.  Maybe I'll skip the fries with my burger and send $1.99 to StashInvest.


The upside is that you can buy tiny amounts of ETFs.  The downside is they charge $1/month for a management fee, which is hefty if you're only putting away $20 a month.  But you can offset the $1/month fee by sharing your link with friends -- they get $5 free, you get $5 free.  I've gotten about $200+ this year just from getting friends to sign up and follow my process.


I have 2 friends on Facebook who are in their 30s and have $0 in long term investments.  Thanks to StashInvest, they now each have a few thousand dollars just from this year, sending $20 here or $30 there.  Eventually they'll have enough to send it into a brokerage account and hopefully invest more.


It's a great app for saving money here and there, but it isn't really all that competitive for larger investment accounts.  Because I've made about $200 from sharing my link, I look at it as 200 "free" months of using the app based on the $1/month fee.  I expect to put away about $800/year ($2-$3 per day, every day) in skipping something I'd normally buy without thinking.  And $70/month at 7% return over 10 years = $12,100 I can expect to have by only skipping a cup of coffee here, a side of fries there.

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Re: Stash Investments??

Schwab will let you move over small amounts as well. They have a bunch of commision-free mutual funds that are $1 minimum, and even more with $100 minimum. They also have a $100 SUB right now (Google "Schwab REFER"). They'll grow with you a lot more than Stash, and don't charge you $1/mo...

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