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Tips on Making Money as a SAHM

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Tips on Making Money as a SAHM

Does anyone have tips on making more money? I am a stay at home mom with two children (1 years old+ 3 year old) and one baby on the way, due in May.


I pretty much have my plate full looking after my little ones. On top of that, I run my own business from home but am only making about 1k a month which is not enough to live off of here in California. My husband makes most of our income working two jobs.


I was thinking of getting a part time job until I have my child just so I can finish paying off my car, I am almost there Smiley Happy


Does anyone think this would be too much or should I consider just expanding my current business?

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Re: Tips on Making Money as a SAHM

I suppose the obvious suggestion is to increase the revenue of your current home business. Is that not possible? With 2 kids + DH already working two jobs, seems like your time at a PT job might have limited potential.
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Re: Tips on Making Money as a SAHM

Hello fellow mama Smiley Happy I am in a similar situation as you. My husband and I have three kids and he has a great job but I want to help with bills as well. The thing about us working moms is: who will get the kids to and from school? What happens if they get sick? Or if school is out for the holidays and we still have to work? And the cost of daycare is high, sometimes more than what you'd be bringing in from a part time job.
I just took a job last month, now that all of my kids are finally school age and we don't need daycare, but it's already starting to get stressful because the holidays are coming up and school will be out but I'm still on schedule for those days. I'm thinking about putting this energy into my business instead and really making it grow. After all, why build someone else's dream when I can build my legacy?
Hope that helps, I know you probably really want to get out there and into the workplace around other grown people, I do too, but you have to weigh out what's best for yourself and your fam. Good luck in whatever you decide!
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Re: Tips on Making Money as a SAHM

Thanks CashBackQueen,
I think you’ve made it very clear to me. I will try working on my business =) That way I can enjoy the kids more.
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Re: Tips on Making Money as a SAHM

What is your business?


Perhaps there are suggestions to help make it grow.

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Re: Tips on Making Money as a SAHM

My first suggestion is to grow what ever business you have.   Working around day care costs is hard.   There are some businesses that let  you work mainly from home. for example My owns a mid sized real estate brokerage firm.   The firm office is in a 1,500 office condo but has 20 agents. It is hard to fit them all there for meetings.   The agents work mainly from home.  Their office phone extension is fowarded to their cell phone.  

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