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US Bank Premier Loan

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US Bank Premier Loan

Borrowed this snippet from the history here.



  • Official name:   Transunion FICO Score 4  (also known as Transunion FICO Risk Score Classic 04)
  • Common name:  TU-04  
  • Available directly to consumers:   from myFICO as described here.
  • Real-world score range:   309 to 839     (as shown on page 16 of this Transunion document)

Applied online for a US Bank Premier Loan 10K, time for a roof.

When I went in to close the "Price you pay for credit" letter gave me a score and said the range was 309-839. They did pull Transunion only.


Just a point of reference for those looking at this US Bank loan type.

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Re: US Bank Premier Loan

Yeah,  they pull mortgage scores for their products whether TU or the other 2.  

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