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coincidence that there's a wellsfargo ugh thread below this one. starting to get nervous. I opened a checking account to get a bonus. they suspended the account when I did a 2000 dollar transfer after the initial deposit went through fine. so that larger depost never actually went through. they claim they wanted to make sure I was who I was. I took documents in and they verified everything with fraud on the phone while I was there. this is where uneasy is coming in. i transferred the same amount since the other one didn't actually go through. the original transfer is still deducted as well as this one. they said the original would go back back to my external account. the account was suspended march 1 and reinstated yesterday. should that original transfer have been sent back already? is my money lost? not sure how to go about this.

discover-$20,900 freedom vs-$7,000 homedepot-$750 credit union-$5,200
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Re: coincidence..wellsfargo

It sounds like WF did the transfer (accpeted the 2k funds) and put an internal hold on the funds while they verified your identity.


The money should have been returned asap.  Call up WF and ask them.  Call up your other bank and ask if they see the 2k coming back as a pending transfer that will be credited to your account tonight/tomorrow.

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