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personal loan with BK ch7

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personal loan with BK ch7

hello. i used to be a very active member here for a couple of years ago. i learned to grow my credit and had amazing credit. sadly, i had some life events that affected my credit. i lost my job and unemployed for 6 months. took a job as a medical secretary making a little more than minimun wage. went from making 40k to 22k. could not catch up with credit card bills, rent, car payment and i had a daughter which was my biggest concern and spent as she was born with some health issues.

i had to file for bk ch7 last year. i was discharged and have been trying to build my credit again. 


i need to come up wtih 6000 to pay for a treatment that was not covered by my family insurance plan. apparenty the crappy limited network insurance provided by my employer was not in network with the hospital they referred us to... so i am now left with the bill and they will not continue the treament unless i pay the full amount upfront.

so that brings me here. 


i need a loan for 4500 in order to pay for it. i have applied everywhere...EVERYWHERE and nothing. i burned most banks and CUs in my bk so no luck though them.


anybody here have any recommendations?


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Re: personal loan with BK ch7

If this is a necessary treatment, I would look into charity care

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