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200 point DROP today!

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Re: 200 point DROP today!



I called the Experian corporate line: 714-830-7000


Asked to speak with Don Robert's office (Experian CEO). I was asked my name and what it was regarding. The first time I tried this I said it was regarding a credit report dispute escalation and they said I would have to call the regular customer service line. So I learned my lesson and called back a few minutes later. This time when I was asked what it was regarding I said "a personal matter." She asked if it was regarding my credit report and I fibbed and said "no." She said she would transfer me to the CEO's assistant. Was put on hold.


Turns out I got transfered not to his assistant but to some executive dispute desk and it worked out just as good. I spoke to a really nice woman who's name rhymes with roadie. Smiley Wink  She took all of my information, patiently listened and we spent about 30 minutes on the phone (15 of which I was on hold for as she looked at my file). Before we got off she told me that she'll need to look into it further but she promises to get back to me personally within 48 hours. She also gave me her direct line so I can call her back if I ever need to. Which is fantastic because that should pretty much guarantee that if anything is incorrect with Experian in the future, I can get it taken care of very quickly by calling her. 


So I'll find out what happens in 48 hours, but it's my guess that she'll come back and tell me that it's all updated per my requests. Smiley Very Happy

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Re: 200 point DROP today!

Congrats. Glad you were able to get someone who could help you. Keep us updated.

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Re: 200 point DROP today!

awal wrote:
Congrats. Glad you were able to get someone who could help you. Keep us updated.

Just got a call from the woman at Experian I spoke to yesterday and she said that they've deleted the $800,000 judgement! Smiley Happy


But she said more time is needed to investigate the other accounts that don't belong to me, but that those should be cleared up within the next week.


Pretty glad I don't have to worry about sueing them now. lol! Was done in 24 hours!

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Re: 200 point DROP today!

Congrats, persistence pays off. Like I said before, the CRA's need to be overhauled for stuff like this. Altho the calls we make to them get routed to India!!!!!

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Re: 200 point DROP today!

Great news!

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