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American Express Optima update

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Re: American Express Optima update

@GrandBay  I don't know what the status is on the Optima card as nothing has arrived yet (other than a letter stating I'd receive an application for the Optima card). On the other hand, I received a notification from American Express the Platinum card should arrive 10/11 which I found hard to believe in this current shipping environment but we shall see. I fully expect the Optima card application to be disregarded by American Express after the Platinum card approval but, again, we shall see.  


I'll be happy to update when I know more. 

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Re: American Express Optima update

@Brian_Earl_Spilner wrote:

If you've paid your debt to Amex in full you don't need to apply for the optima, you can apply for a regular card. The optima is usually geared towards those that settled and need to rebuild a history with Amex. As for whether you'll take an HP from Amex if you try, you won't know until you try. Typically, they'll deny you without a pull if you're on their blacklist. Personally, I would pull the trigger because it's just an HP. People overstate their value here. At the least, it will cement where you stand with Amex and get rid of any anxiety related to the unknown.

GREAT ADVICE!  From a "well, now I know EXACTLY where I stand with them" perspective.  I am that type of person.  Ambiguity is not my friend! LOL

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Re: American Express Optima update

A requirement of the Optima card is paying in full and you don't get an application for it until after you've completed all of your payments. It is rebuilding a positive relationship after a charge off/collection is paid off in full.


Not just paying off the debt, but showing a trail of on-time payments, rebuilds the relationship with AMEX.

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