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Asset Acceptance-GONE!!

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Asset Acceptance-GONE!!

I am soo thrilled I got my reply from BBB complaint and theyre remocing the line and stopping all collection activites and they contact the OC (first premier) and was told addition documents to support their claim is not readily available at this time... What does ths mean?

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Re: Asset Acceptance-GONE!!

I don't know what that means, prob that they couldn't verify, but congrats!!


It took a couple weeks for them to come off my EQ and EX, 2 I think, and I am STILL waiting for them to come off of my TU. Smiley Happy

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Re: Asset Acceptance-GONE!!

Mine was finally gone off TU this morning when I checked. Asset Acceptance officially gone off all 3 now!


On to the next. 

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Re: Asset Acceptance-GONE!!

Goodbye, so long,  see ya!   Congrats!

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Re: Asset Acceptance-GONE!!

Thanks I'm waiting to hear back from first premier that would be a huge accomplishment.
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