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Beginners Help

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Beginners Help

I am sure you are sick of seeing beginner questions but I just have a few quick questions regarding different techniques for credit repair.
I saw one site that said first step is to dispute EVERYTHING with the CRA's.  They say to dispute everything because of bad record keep by creditors.  They give examples and the order the letters should be sent to the CRA's
  1. Not mine (not my account)
  2. I didn't pay late that month
  3. Wrong amount
  4. Wrong account number
  5. Wrong original creditor
  6. Wrong Charge-off Date
  7. Wrong Date of Last Activity
  8. Wrong Balance
  9. Wrong Credit limit
  10. Wrong Status (there are about 20)
  11. Wrong High Credit (the highest amount you used)
The ones that get verified you then move on to DV with them. 
From reading this site for a few hours it seems this is a bad idea, as it can cause a fraud alert. 
I have 6 negatives on my report totalling 3500 dollars. These were all accrued when I was a college student and didnt have money (and I was just irresponsible).  I have the money now to pay these off but want to know the best course of action.
Should I just do a DV on all these accounts to see what comes back and then move to PFD? Does anyone have a sample DV letter?
If my SOL is 6 years when is that 6 years over? From the date the account opened, the date it closed?
Depending on the answer to the above question I am pretty sure I am in SOL for all these accounts. Like i said though, I have the money to pay them and I want to.  But why does everyone ask that? Does me asking for DV have a chance of them coming back and suing me?
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Re: Beginners Help

Hello johnnysc22 and Welcome to the myFICO fora!

Unfortunately, your first post will be permanently locked as it violates our Credit Repair Discussion Guidelines, Terms of Service, and User Guidelines that prohibit the promotion of certain types of credit repair.
- discussions on disputing accurate items off of your credit reports is prohibited in the fora.
Please read these guidelines before posting anything further about credit repair.

Thanks for contributing to these forums and for your cooperation!
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