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Capital One Frustration

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Capital One Frustration

I was 120 days late last year and my account got "restricted".  When I called the CSR informed me I had to reapply so I was going to let it go.  All 3 bureaus report the account as open with the late present.  After 2 GW rejections I decided to reopen the account but yesterday was informed that account is over and done and I would get a completely different account if approved.  The account got locked last summer so I don't know why they are still reporting as being open.  If I ask for a correction I am afraid my score will suffer.  Kinda up against a wall cause this late is killing my score but getting nowhere with GWs.  Thoughts?

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Re: Capital One Frustration

I have the same situation with an account that was permanently suspended in 2007 and is still reporting towards utilization on my cr.  I am assuming the late payments will fall off in a couple years and will be happy to have the cl report towards my util as long as they leave it in place. 

I recently read a thread about using the online chat to have it deleted.  The rep told me they would check for any discrepencies and report accordingly to the bureaus.  I am HOPING they delete the lates, or even the suspended tradeline in its entirety but I am guessing nothing will change.


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