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Capital One Quicksilver Types?


Capital One Quicksilver Types?

Just a question out of curiosity...I'm actively rebuilding my credit after going through a rough few years, and I was recently approved for a Quicksilver One credit card. I also have a Capital One Platinum card, and when I checked the upgrade status, I was approved to upgrade to a regular Quicksilver card (without the annual fee). Anyone have an idea why I was able to upgrade to the regular card, but not approved for it by applying? FWIW, the approval and upgrade were on the same day, so it's not like the credit profile changed. 

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Re: Capital One Quicksilver Types?

Cap1 has bucket cards as we call them. The old days the regular QS had a SL of 5g's. But yes you could as I did upgrade to the QS. But when scores improved. I got the regular QS for 10g's. But I also had a long term car loan at the same time. As you see below. They were both closed once better things came in. So yes they are doing you great for now. Once things imporve and you move up the credit ladder. You can lay them to rest as I did. Went the same route as yourself. Congrats BTW!!!!!!!!!!!

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