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Collectible Management Resources

Collectible Management Resources

Okay so I am now attempting to help a friend with a collection of theirs.  Its through Collectible Management Resources and they are based out of Fresno, Ca.  It was for an old apartment lease.  The orignal amount was for 2800 but now its at 3800.  The DOFD was 06/06.  Has anyone had any experiences with them? PFD success?  If so what would be a good amount to offer? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Collectible Management Resources

If the DOFD is 06/06, then normal credit report exclusion will come about no later than 1/2014.


Is his primary goal to satisfy the debt, or to secure credit report exclusion prior to its normal exclusion date of 1/2014?


A PFD that asks for both CR deletion and for a settlement for less is asking for two concesstions.

If both are prerequisites, then that is the course.

However, one or the other might be omitted depending upon his goals, possibly improving chances of acceptance.


If immediate need to get deletion is not required, then perhaps going for both deletion and settlement would be worth a first shot.

However, if planning to apply for new credit in the near future, and thus no time for prolonged negotiations, or an absolute requiement to have no unpaid delinquent debt, then perhaps a different plan....



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Re: Collectible Management Resources

She is wanting to get it removed as soon as possible so that she will have an easier time renting a new place without a cosigner. Of course she has a long list of reasons about "how its just not fair" but none of her reasons amount to a reasonable dispute. She has around a thousand dollars to work with.

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