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Collection Agency: Law Offices of Howard Lee Schiff,P.C.

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Collection Agency: Law Offices of Howard Lee Schiff,P.C.

Does anyone of you had experience dealing with the collection agency in New England? I am getting sued by this collection agency.  I had a citi advantage card that went into default  in 2010 because my credit consolidation agency in California were not paying them. I am trying to rebuild my credit because I want to buy a house. My current score right now is 610. I have two unsecured credit cards and one secured from capital one.  What to do about this collection agency?  I am trying to call them several times to settle.  Everytime they directed me to a person dealing with Citicards in their department.  Either she is always busy and does not care.  I want to call and settle Citi directly.  Can I do that?  Thanks.

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Re: Collection Agency: Law Offices of Howard Lee Schiff,P.C.

You can attempt to pay the OC provided they still own the debt, and the debt collector is only their assigned collection agent.

However, if the debt collector has purchased the debt, the OC cannot accept payment.


Two questions regarding the debt collector.  One, have they reported their collection to the CRA, and two, what specifically do you mean by "I am getting sued?

If they have reported and your goal is to attempt deletion of that reporting, your offer to pay should go to the debt collector, as only they can agree to delete their reporting.

If they have already filed legal action, is the debt still within SOL, and are you willing to contest the debt in court?  If not, perhaps you should be looking at a settlement prior to date of trial, thus avoiding a judgment.  That might make alos getting acceptance a PFD more difficult.


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