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Credit one LLC

Auto Loans for ANY Credit Situation. Immediate Response.
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Credit one LLC

I was told by this company that once I paid account that’s in collections off that they didn’t offer deletions nor would they delete buy if I disputed the account once I paid they wouldn’t respond to the dispute and would remove.... has anyone else heard of this ? Or is that just a way to get you to pay.
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Re: Credit one LLC

I don't know anything about CreditOne but I can tell you that verbal statements mean nothing in the real world.



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Re: Credit one LLC

Was this Credit One Bank like the credit card or is that the name of a collection agency?

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Re: Credit one LLC

It is the name of the collection co. Was not a credit card was a personal loan from another co.
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Re: Credit one LLC

Did a search online. There isnt much of anything on these guys. BBB doesnt fare well with them. Its a crap shoot. Well better paid than owed. Good Luck.

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