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Desperate Help Needed!!!!


Desperate Help Needed!!!!

I made the terrible mistake of paying off old collections without negotiating a deletion.  What was I thinking.  Can someone please tell me the next step I need to do to get them removed from my credit?


Alpat Collections- payment after chargeoff/collection

Asset Acceptance LLC- Payment after Charge off/Collection

Enhanced Recovery Company- Payment after chargeoff/collection

National Credit Systems- Payment after chargeoff/collection

WFNNB/Avenue- Payment after chargeoff/collection

World Finance- Payment after chargeoff/collection

Security Finance- Payment after chargeoff/collection


Has anyone had to deal with these companies?  


Any assistance I can get will be desperately appreciated.

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Re: Desperate Help Needed!!!!

I haven't dealt with any of those companies specifically.  Only thing you can do now that they are paid is to ask for goodwill removals.  I will say my GW removals did not come until at least a year after the charge off and many months after the payment.


Don't get frustrated.  Try GW letters and if they don't work this time, try again in a couple of months.  In the meantime, make all of your payments on time and don't apply for a lot of new credit.

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Re: Desperate Help Needed!!!!

OP, welcome to the forums!


Common Abbreviations

Credit Scoring 101 - great for knowing what is in your credit score and to see how your score is impacted.

What Steps Do I Take - great for learning the repair process.

and Example letters - PFDs, GWs, DVs, etc.


Ditto. I'd send GWs to all CAs asking for a deletion. For the WFFNB, send a GW if that account isn't your oldest or among your oldest TLs. If the DOFD of that account is approaching 7 yrs, then I wouldn't do anything to it.

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