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Discover Student

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Discover Student

I applied for a Discover student card on Dec 16, 2010 and I was denied because of a charge-off from WFCB/Blair.  The charge off was dated 11/2005.


Now, upon checking my credit report, I can see the charge off there.  I was surprised since USBANK 3500, CHASE/AMAZON VISA 1900, GECRB AMAZON STORE 1400, AND GECRB WALMART 500 have all approved me recently since Aug, Sept, and Oct 2010.


Upon further review and checking credit reports from 2010, that were in my file drawer, I noticed the Blair credit card was originally opened in Oct 2003 and the last payment and DOFD were both listed as 2/2004.  Also, this card was sold/transferred to World Financial Capital Bank in 11/2005.


WFCB reports this account as WFCB/BLAIR in my current reports, but declares this debt as opened and charged off in 11/2005 -- the same month it aqquired such debt.


Is this possible?  Can they effectively re-age the debt as they did.  According to my report, this charge off won't fall off till 8/2012.  


However, the older credit report stated that Blair should of fallen off as of 1/2011.


Anyways, I just disputed with all 3 credit reports last night to have this removed, becuase of the above situation.   Walmart currently has my FICO as 706.   


Lastly, yes....I am a student in my senior year.



(7/23/16) AMEX FICO EX 728, (6/20/16) Discover FICO TU 747, (7/24/16) Barclays FICO 750 (TC Lines $400+K) AAoA= 4.3 yrs
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Re: Discover Student

Can somebody confirm if this sounds like they have "re-aged" my C/O?

(7/23/16) AMEX FICO EX 728, (6/20/16) Discover FICO TU 747, (7/24/16) Barclays FICO 750 (TC Lines $400+K) AAoA= 4.3 yrs
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Re: Discover Student

This is a duplicate thread, so its locked. The conversation in the other thread can be found Here

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