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EQ completed dispute but


EQ completed dispute but

under status nothing is listed.  It was an online dispute,  I did not receive an email and there is no result listed on the dispute.

Has this happened to anyone?

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Re: EQ completed dispute but

It seems to be a constant complaint that the CRAs dont update the resolution of disputes in consumer credit files.

If you disputed through a CRA, they are the ones responsible for sending the final notice of dispute resolution to the consumer, so it should just be a tick-mark on their things to do list to update the dispute status code.

Call/write them, and remind them of their responsibility to accurately maintain information in your credit file.

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Re: EQ completed dispute but

Thank you, I will contact them.  It is really annoying that any moron can put whatever they want on my credit report but I can't get a decision on an outcome. *sigh*

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