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EX DV dispute response is crap!

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EX DV dispute response is crap!

Ok, so before I started MyFico I was stupid and disputed something via EX internet.  That came back as "verified" and they told me to contact the creditor. 
Since they never sent me a dunning letter I sent them a DV, then I sent a second DV letter.  No responses from either.
So I figured my CRA Delete letter was pretty cut and dry....they won't validate you have to delete.
Today I get "we have previously investigated this dipsute and it was verified.  IF YOU HAVE ANY NEW RELEVANT INFORMATION PLEASE MAIL IT TO US.
I included copies of the first and second dv's, the CMRRR's from both.  The receipts from the post office and my portion of the certified mail and the Green Cards.
I sent the "new information" and they send me this crap....what do I do now?
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Re: EX DV dispute response is crap!

Send them this  CMRRR   and complain with the FTC!!
FCRA Section 611(a)(1)(A)clearly states that upon receipt of a dispute Experian is to perform an investigation. Oviously, this did not hold true of my dispute of xx date. On xx date I received notice from Experian that my dispute had been "previously investigated". According to the FCRA, this is not an option.

Because of your blatant disregard for the FCRA, I am demanding that the disputed tradelines be deleted from my credit report. I am guaranteed, by law, that you will report with 100% accuracy and that any account I dispute will be investigated. You have proven that this cannot be done.

You now have 5 days from your receipt of this letter to remove the previously disputed accounts from my credit report. Be advised, that my attorney has in his possession all the letters and supporting documentation regarding this matter. If the accounts in question are not deleted he will file suit in Federal Court.
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