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GW Letter Template, if you need one :)

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GW Letter Template, if you need one :)

Here is a Good Will Letter template for anyone who needs one.  It brought me success with Nordstrom.  This is a repost from me, but figured since I haven't been on here a while...there would be people who are looking for a GW Letter Template.  Here you go...


A WHILE ago I sent a GW Letter and it got accepted Smiley Happy A couple of people emailed me for it, but I couldn't find it. Well, I have good news Smiley Happy I found it by accident while cleaning up my computer. Feel free to copy it and cater it to your situation. This is a good template, because obviously mine got accepted. Keep in mind, this GW Letter is VERY OLD so pay no mind to the date lol Other than that, enjoy and good luck!!! Smiley Happy........

MEMORANDUM FOR [put comany name in all caps here]

FROM: [your first and last name in all caps] ACCOUNT#XXXXXXXXXX

SUBJECT: Credit Bureau Late Payment Removal

1. I, [your first and last name], am requesting the removal of a 30 Day Late Payment posted on all three Credit Bureaus last September. This is the only missed payment on my Credit Report. I have never missed a payment and have a history of payments made on time with your company. I was in the process of deploying and thought I had my financial affairs in order, prior to leaving. My apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused, due to the late payment. Since then, I have set up an automatic payment plan and paid extra every month to expedite the process to get my balance down. My card will be paid in full on 15 January 2013.

2. My credit is important to me and my relationship with your company is also important. The last thing I want is for [company name] to view me as high risk and not value me as a customer. I’ve been a happy customer for many years and will like to remain one for many more. I would appreciate if you could remove the late payment from my file. Please consider my request with a goodwill adjustment and have the 30 Day Late Payment removed from all three Credit Bureaus.

3. I am currently deployed and will be heading back to the states by the time you receive this letter. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me at [insert your email address]. You can also send a letter to my home address: [insert your address here]. Thank you.

Very Respectfuly,

[your first name, middle initial, last name]

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Re: GW Letter Template, if you need one :)


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Re: GW Letter Template, if you need one :)

Nice effort to post this for others!

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Re: GW Letter Template, if you need one :)


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Re: GW Letter Template, if you need one :)

Added to the list of GW successes
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