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Goodwill Deletion Approved! My letter worked

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Goodwill Deletion Approved! My letter worked

I just wanted to share my success story with everyone about my goodwill deletion letter with my auto lender- FedChoice Federal Credit Union.

In November I was scheduled to make my last and final payment on my auto loan account. However there was a misunderstanding on my account with the amount showing that was due and final payment due to close the auto loan account. I paid the amount due and not the final payment  that still grows interest daily. Upon paying the amount due and not the final payment to close the loan, my account was 30 days late with 76.50 remaining. When I checked my account a few days later I noticed 76.50 which now included a late fee, I contacted them asap and they waived the late fee that was placed my account and my auto loan was finally paid and closed, so I thought. With-in a week I started receiving notfications that my credit score dropped 60 points because of a serious delinquent account and a closed account. I was hit with a 31-60 day late on all three credit reports because of this misunderstanding my account was closed but not listed in adverse accounts. I called Fed Choice once again and explained everything mentioned above to them and the representative expained there was nothing she can do but I could file a dispute and they would review it, if it was an error on there part they would correct it. I immediatly started writing my Goodwill Deletion letter because I will not take no for an answer. I also have never been late on my auto loan account ever, I have another auto loan, personal loan and savings accounts that are within good standing with this credit union. I sent my letter and with-in one week I received a phone call from loss department and she stated that she would remove the 30 day late from all 3 credit reports and make the account closed, never late and in good standing, I simply need to dispute with the credit agencies and she would personally update it. So, please dont take no for an answer there is always someone willing to help you and state your arguement with facts in your goodwill letter. Much success to all.

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Re: Goodwill Deletion Approved! My letter worked

Congratulations! Your determination and will got you to where you are! It is true that relentlessness can payoff. But not for a guy like me with 18 lates. I will have to wait 2 more years for removal. LOL 


I did get my other derogs removed now it is truly a waiting game! Very happy for you and well deserved! 

Started 6/6/2018 EX - 588 ; EQ - 667 ; TU 575

Updated 12/2018

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Re: Goodwill Deletion Approved! My letter worked

Thank You!  2 years will come soon enough and your goals will be met. I just could let this sit on my account for 7 years my score dropped from a 721 to 661,640,639 that was alot for only one 30 day late and flawless account throught my report. This path hasnt been easy so I'm going to guard it that best way possible.

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Re: Goodwill Deletion Approved! My letter worked

Well done, enjoy.
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