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Help with joint account please!

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Help with joint account please!

I posted this on the mortgage board with no response so maybe I can get some help here.  When I was 18 (yes young and dumb lol) I bought a house with my EX.  We broke up 2 years ago but I am still on the mortgage.  I have tried to be nice and ask him to refinance without me or buy me out or sell.. but he refuses all.  I wouldnt care except for the fact he is ALWAYS late on payments and the house has even been in foreclosure proceedings.  I pay all my personal stuff on time but due to this house my score is WAY WAY WAY WAY low.  I can't finance a piece of gum lol.  Anyway is there any legal way to get myself off of this mortgage?  Should I just contact a lawyer and if so what kind?
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Re: Help with joint account please!

Some would say to get a real estate lawyer and discuss your options...however...on the Suze Orman show a few weeks ago...she said there is NOTHING you can's a joint account you have joint responsibility...she suggested to the guy that since his scores were already wouldn't hurt anymore to let the home go into foreclosure...or if you have the money you can pay what he owns in exchange for the mortgage company removing the late payments...otherwise...your doomed...SORRY
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