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How proceed after initial overture to Shell

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How proceed after initial overture to Shell

Hello, I need some advice on how to proceed. Back story - Several collections (many medical) three small credit cards (2 First Premiere, 1 Shell).Bad financial period over, but I have not sought any new credit until now. I need a new car. I went in and talked face to face with a loan officer at my credit union last November and she showed me what I needed to pay to qualify for an auto loan, and said if I did we could do something by summer. And she even said it would be okay if I did NOT pay the big medical one ($3K-ish). So since then I have been whittling them all down, paying in full. I did not know at the time about PFD letters, so I am now sending GW letters to them asking for deletes after pay. We'll see how that goes!


The question - I have one to go, Shell, for $1137, at least half of which I know is late fees and interest. See below. I sent an 'exploratory' certified letter asking for "an accounting" of the difference between the past due amount of $583 and the total of $1137. I did not know or use PFD jargon at the time I sent the letter. I also clearly indicated I wanted to work out a settlement amount and payment arrangement. And all I got back was a letter asking for my credit card number if I wanted a DV.


I am trying to figure out what to do. The SOL is out (3 years in my state). But I need to move quickly, no time for sparring with them as I really need to get the car. Should I try to call them? I think I found a number for them. Should I write again?


Any advice anyone has would be appreciated. The loan officer has been very gracious and supportive, and I want to repay that trust but I also want to do the best I can for myself in the Shell situation.



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