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I think i restarted SOL

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I think i restarted SOL

Folks. I sent a letter(fax) to creditor seeking to start communciation via fax and I accidentally put a typo  that may restart the SOL. I went overboard with the legal mumbo jumbo.....Here is what i faxed.


This is to provide permission for Mr. X and the debt collection company that he works for to communicate via Fax to me (My name). However, this permission "doesn’t not" in any shape, definition or form suggest, indicate, endorse or confirm that My name holds any debt with Mr. X, the debt collection company he works for or any creditors that the previously defined debt collection company works with or is affiliated with.  This letter solely allows communication via my fax number (my fax) between the previously defined parties.


I accidentally put a double negation. "doesnt not". Will this restart the SOL?



Thanks. I highly enjoy reading the advice provided on this board. Thanks in advance for your replies.

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Re: I think i restarted SOL

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