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Joined a CMS, now more confused....

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Joined a CMS, now more confused....

When I started my rebuilding journey back in May, I pulled my reports from At that time, I had several student loans mid-rehab, so I figured that once they were due to come out of rehab, I could then join a CMS so that I could then focus more attention/money on PFDing & GWing the baddies. In the meantime, I DV'd some CA's and waited waited waited.

Rehab ended in Sept, loans are transferring as I write this - so I joined USAA's monitoring. After looking at the reports, I'm more confused than ever.

A few things that were on the report in May are no longer showing. This is good, I hope.
There's no new baddies nor new unexpected HP's. Yay there.
But the collection accounts have different reporting timelines. The dates don't line up with my reports. My student loans show months of OK reporting with an odd 120 late sprinkled in. (NOT accurate, in other words.) A couple are showing as "disputed" when in actual fact I haven't disputed anything, I just DV'd.

Is this normal? I feel like maybe the information is so different I should be concerned. What in the Wide Wide World of Sports is going on here, anyway?

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Re: Joined a CMS, now more confused....

Gentle bump Smiley Happy

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