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LVNV BBB Dispute.

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LVNV BBB Dispute.

I have several LVNV collection accounts that I have never recieved a dunning notice for. I sent 2 letters requesting Validation with no responce and disputed with CRA and they comeback as vailid. My first mistake was not sending the letters CMRRR was being cheap. So I sent  BBB dispute stating all the above and recieved a response yesterday from LVNV. They stated that they have sent me several letter all of which have been returned to them as not diliverable and that they have not recieved any communication from me until the BBB complaint. They said for me to fill out an ID Theft form and return it if I feel my identity had been stolen. I imediatley responded back with the fact that I have requested that they vailidate the debt and that I will accept nothing less then validation. I'm trully sick of these people and the games they play. Im going to send another round of vaildation letters tomorrow but this time I will CMRRR.

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