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Medical Collection

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Medical Collection

I need some help with a medical collection from 2008. Bottom line is the CA is trying to collect more then what is owed please see breakdown below. I have sent DV and PFD all have been ignored. I have also disputed with the CRA and they come back verified. I have contacted the DR's office to speak with billing and always get VM and never get a return call. I'm so over dealing with this BS. Bottom line is I only owe them $200.

Date of service 11/04/2008

CA is reporting and trying to collect $100 and $292. Original creditor billed my insurance $241.50 waiting on EOB and by portion/ co pay is $96.

Date of service 11/20/2008

CA reporting a balance of $292 original creditor never billed by insurance per the insurance company.

I'm going thought my 10 year reinvestigation for my security clearance so this is sensitive and is the only reason I offered to PFD.

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