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Need advice about fixing a late payment

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Need advice about fixing a late payment

I have a mortgage with WAMU that adjusted to a higher payment.  It went from around $1400/mo to around $1500/mo.  I pay my bills on Quicken, and somehow neglected to update the new payment amount.  Quicken generated a payment for the old amount, on time, the first time after the payment change.  I had no idea this had happened.  When I got my bill for the next payment, it looked like I owed a double payment, like I hadn't paid the previous month's payment.  They had taken my payment and put it in a holding account.  They didn't say a word to me about it.  They also hit my credit report for a 30-day late.  I called them and explained what happened, but they said they were bound by law to treat any underpayment as a late payment.  Now one of my lines of credit has been frozen due to 'delinquent past or present obligations'.  This is the only blemish on my credit history.  It seems to me that there is a difference between making a one-time mistake on a payment amount, and simply paying late, especially when it's so easy to see why the mistake was made.  And considering that I have never paid them or anyone else late.  Does anyone have any idea on how I can fix this?  Thanks...
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Re: Need advice about fixing a late payment

You need to send them a GW letter and ask them to make a GW adjustment due to circumstances.


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