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Need help with PFD letters

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Need help with PFD letters



I am currently a member of Lexington Law Firm, and they have done wonders for my credit reports.  I do have a few negative items remaining.  Namely, a credit card and car repo I got stuck with from a messy divorce.  I have tried PFD letters which I have sent out twice but I never get a response.  Can anyone give me guidance on what I should do next?  The credit card is handled by SST, the car was with American Honda Finance and I also sent one for a Dish Network collection through AFNI.  Any help is much appreciated.



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Re: Need help with PFD letters

In my 3 years of studying repair, I've sent hundreds (no joke) of PFDs between CapOne, Verizon (landline and wireless), AFNI, and a couple others. I probably got a response to 10% of my letters, even when offering a payment in full each time. My only success was with Verizon Wireless.


Keep trying.


If AFNI is reporting, try sending the PFD via e-mail ( trust but verify the address.

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Re: Need help with PFD letters

Thanks for the info.  I'll keep trying.

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Re: Need help with PFD letters

What have you been saying in your PFD letters as an incentive for them to respond?

As you know, they dont have to ever respond to a PFD request.

In fact, their credit reporting guidelines with the CRAs tell them never to delete prior reporting based on payment.  So the burden is on you.

So to just request a PFD deletion requries a knowledge of the facts, and some forethought in your  letter of how to spark their capitalistic interest.

Are you sending it to an OC or a debt collector?  If an OC, then maybe future promises of dealings with them might spur some corporate profit incentive.  The same is hard to offer to a debt collector, for they breed on lack of payment, now and in the future.

How close is the debt from expiration of your state statute of limitations?  Their inability to take future legal action may be a factor.

How much is the total debt, and how much, as the percentage of the total debt owed, are you offering as terms in your PFD offer?

Those are business terms they might listen to.  My 'dawg just died,  I lost my job, the roof is a'leaking. my wife left/divorced me, may work more to your detriment than bendfit unless you show how those prior woes have been overcome.




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