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New Collection for me from DW visit

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New Collection for me from DW visit

I have two new collections that appeared on my CR. I started investigating where they were from and found they were visits by my wife to the dentist 4 years ago and the doctor 3 years ago. I never got a bill from either of them, and my wife thought she had paid everything at the time of service.

I'm guessing they went after me since our insurance is in my name. I don't mind paying them off, but I hate that two collections are impacting my score that aren't really mine. It's also irritating that the OC made no effort to contact us or send us a bill.

I live in TN so the SOL is 6 years so I can't just do nothing. Am I able to DV both collections (dentist and doctors office visit) and if validated as my wife's charges have them removed as not mine? Of course I would pay them so as not to impact my DW score either.

I made an initial effort to try to pay the OC and have the pulled from the CA's. I tried calling the dentist and they won't talk to me about accounts turned over to CA's regardless of the reason. The doctors's office won't return my calls so I'm assuming they see no reason to talk to me either.

How should proceed with these? I'd like them paid/removed without hurting either of our score's?



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Re: New Collection for me from DW visit

I've been readings other medical collections posts.

Is HIPAA applicable to these collections? I can easily pay them both as the highest is only $172.

If so, I'll start writing the pre-HIPAA dispute letter to the CRA's to start the process. Do I need to send the pre-HIPAA letter to all three CRA's or just one of them?

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Re: New Collection for me from DW visit

First just because your name is on the ins. doesn't mean that you are responsable!!  and you say the DR and dentist would not talk to you!
To protect your rights under HIPAA, you should not write or correspond with a Collection Agency regarding a medical collection account within SOL.
This process is not applicable if the account is valid and you are unable to pay.  The medical claim must either be paid, inaccurate, or you are prepared to remit the valid correct amount due with the HIPAA letter.
The Pre-HIPAA letter is sent to the CRA to dispute medical collection accounts on your CR that are within SOL and are:  paid, valid but unpaid, "not mine" or inaccurate.
  1. Dispute a paid medical collection directly with the CRA and they should delete.  If not deleted, but verified, send HIPAA letter (Whychat's process - insert b). 
  2. Dispute valid but unpaid medical collections because you need the CRA to verify the balance.  There may be no valid balance due and the CRA will delete.  Only after the CRA has verified and you agree that the amount is correct is the HIPAA letter sent with payment (Whychat's process - insert a).  The payment amount should be the same amount as was verified by the CRA and on your CR.
  3. If the medical collection account is "not mine" or inaccurate, you need to have disputed the medical collection listing with the CRA.  Only after the CRA verifies and does not delete an invalid or inaccurate medical collection do you send the HIPAA letter (Whychat's process - insert a or b)

                                   IMO #3 applys!!    first dispute  each with this letter    It says to send it CM but not RRR.........I would send it CMRRR!!


You dispute medical accounts this way:

Dear CRA,
My name is xxxxx xxxxxx , my SS # is xxx xx xxxx.
I am sending this dispute certified mail # xxxx to make sure you receive it.
I have no knowledge or records of account # xxxxx on my report # xxxxx.
Please advise me as to the name and address of the medical provider, the date and type of service,and to whom the service was provided, as any account I might have had would be obsolete.
If you can obtain this information, I also would need the name of the person providing this data, and the manner in which it was provided in order that I may pursue additional legal remedies.

Very truly yours,


Make sure you HAND ADDRESS the envelope, use personalized stationery and purple or teal font, ( preferably italic).


And remember NEVER TALK TO A CA!!!!! 


The new HIPAA law says that the CRAs  MUST contact the OC on all medical disputes now



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Re: New Collection for me from DW visit

Thanks Happy,

I'll write the letters tomorrow. One question though, do I sign my name by hand at the end or type it like I do for DV letters?

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Re: New Collection for me from DW visit

Our Drs have on their paperwork an entry that states "Responsible party" for paying the bill ultimately ... is it possible that your wife put YOUR name there since YOU are the policy holder?

I've also had a few Drs that warned (in the fine print) that whoever's name is listed as the policy holder would be responsible for the amount not covered by insurance.

Could either of those be your case?

If I had a nickel for every time that I *had* to do that to my hubby, I'd be rich enough that FICOs wouldn't matter!!! Grrrrr!!!

Also, isn't it the law in some states that a spouse's bills are the responsibility of the other spouse as well as the debtor-spouse? Could this also apply??

Sorry for mucking things up a bit ... I'm new and trying to learn!!!


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Re: New Collection for me from DW visit

you can sign it because it is going to the CRA
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