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Re: HIPAA question for PAID collection

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Re: HIPAA question for PAID collection

Hello All,

I have 5 paid medical bills that are in collections. Again as of 2005 they are considered paid. How do you all recommend I get these deleted from my credit report? I read the HIPAA but it seems a bit confusing. Thanks everyone

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Re: HIPAA question for PAID collection

Hi and Welcome to the forums! Begin with these steps and follow them very closely.


Step #1: You must Opt Out of two things: Your Credit Reports and All Creditors. The first one ensures that the CRAs will not sell your personal data to anyone else (haha…no more data mining). The second one will prevent JDBs (and CAs) from buying and selling bogus collections.


Use this link to opt-out of your credit reports

OPT-OUT CREDIT REPORTS (or call 1.888.567.8688)


Use this link to opt-out from all of your CURRENT creditors that you're in GOOD standing with. Do not attempt to opt-out with any CAs or current creditors that you're in BAD standing with (i.e. charge-offs).




Step #2: Also, be sure to update your personal information with the CRA's before doing any         credit repair.



Step #3: Send the pre-HIPAA dispute letter to the CRA ('s) CM (no RR, this is the only letter in the HIPAA process where you will not send it CMRRR) and wait up to 35 days for the results of the their investigation(s). If your med collection is deleted, you're finished.





If you have more questions, please post them in this thread. Please post the results of your disputes in this thread before continuing on with the HIPAA letter process. GL!

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