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Road to Recovery - Watts Style!

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Road to Recovery - Watts Style!

A little background... 


I was married for 5 years to a woman who took care of the finances, but never actually paid any bills. I filed a chapter 7 in 2005 and as of today, my score is still in the upper 500's. I should have divorced her then! Anyway, I have remarried and my new wife is a lot better with money. I am an AU on her Cap1, my grandpa co-signed for a car loan and I got a local furniture store card. 


My credit as it sits has....

-chap 7

-repo, should fall off in March 2013

-at least 10 collections for medical bills

-a paid judgement for a card my ex wife opened

-open Les Schwab account from 2009


My wife has been reading this forum for weeks and has decided to do PFD on everything except the repo. She mailed the letters today, (she used the template from this site). 


As we go along, any information or opinions would be helpful. This forum has already helped us in deciding to rebuild ourselves! So, thank you!!




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Re: start

OK..  welcome to the forums!!! 

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