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Unifund Sueing Me

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Unifund Sueing Me

I was in the process of paying off a $5k+ balance from my Citi Card I had years ago when I lost my job and couldn't pay the final balance of $1,500.


Unifund has a 'collection account' as the status for $2,017. They also have a JUDGMENT filed with the neighboring city court for the actual balance of $1,579.


This is my thinking. I send them a PFD for the $2,017 if these vacate the judgment and delete everything on all three of my reports. Basically I would pay them almost $400 dollars in fees to rid my life of this...


Think they'll go for it? Or is there a better plan I should be looking for?

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Re: Unifund Sueing Me



Did you received the summons for the lawsuit? If you weren't served you may have other options.


I wasn't served on an evictions, it was a judgment they were showing for 1700 dollar on my report and a collections of $5600 frmo 2008.


I had a lawyer vacate the judgement, it was a default judgement because I didn't appear. Since I wasn't served, the judge threw it out. Now my lawyer is negotiating a settlement with their attorney, and included in that is the removal (or pulling back) of the collections account. Right now, were just haggling but I am sure I will only have to pay about 2500 total, with attorney fees, and I remove 2 baddies with a total balance of nearly 8k.


In your case, if I you weren't properlly served, I would at least consider contacting an attorney yourself, vacate the judgement and work to settle straight with their attorney. You can probably negotiate what you are looking for in the same manner as a PFD.


I don't think a PFD can vacate a judgement.

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Re: Unifund Sueing Me

I was never served. Was only made aware of a judgement through the mail.

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