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Well Fargo Goodwill Fail....

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Well Fargo Goodwill Fail....

I sent Wells Fargo Auto Finance a gw letter, about a month ago, I recieved a letter yesterday stating that the FCRA requires them to report accurately, whether favorable or unfavorable to their valued customers. I read on the forum that Wells Fargo is stickler, and I do have some lates back in 2007 when I went through a hard preganancy, but havent been late since then and the car will be paid off in less than a year, I was thinking about offering a to pay off in full exchange for deletion of some lates, think this is a good idea?

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Re: Well Fargo Goodwill Fail....

Hard to say....


If you can pay it off in full, then logically, your score would go up.   


As for WF -- keep trying.  If they dont' do it now, they might when the dust settles over the next year with their merger with Wachovia.

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Re: Well Fargo Goodwill Fail....

What's the interest rate on the car loan?  I'm thinking they'd probably rather you NOT pay it off up front, because that would just take away future interest payments.  If you were a risky lender then they'd probably prefer to have their money now, but since you're clearly paying on time lately it doesn't seem like it will benefit them.  It's definitely worth a try though.

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Re: Well Fargo Goodwill Fail....

Thanks yall, I actually wrote a response letter to them and I will fax it back today.

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