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West Asset Management

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West Asset Management

DH had two medical accounts w/them.  I paid them directly to the OC via their online website.  I DV'd them & they updated it as paid.  I disputed it w/the CB's & it was verfied.  Today I get a letter from them saying that the account was paid.  I just started the HIPAA process & sent the letter to the CB to see if I can get them removed.  Has anyone else had an issue w/them?  They wouldn't agree to PFD, so that is why I paid the OC.   Should I try to DV them again?  My HIPAA letter to the CB was just delivered this past weekend so I know I still have to play the waiting game but I'm highly impatient & just want these two accounts gone?



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Re: West Asset Management

Same situation here with DH.  The bad part was West Asset **NEVER** had the collection.   The payments were always made to the OC.


MONTHS after it was paid off, West Asset sent it to the CB.  It was disputed under HIPPA and came back as verified.   West Asset still has not sent anything, although it's been 3 yrs.


Let us/me know how it goes with the HIPPA process.

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