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What should my next move be???

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What should my next move be???

Okay before I start my little story and ask for help Thanks for taking your time to read this. I have read soooo many of the posts here and they have really helped. Im just at a loss on what should be my next move.

    7/2009 Filed BK Smiley Sad

    1/2011-5/2012  was approved for a few CC  with a couple increases have highest CC to $900 and a couple to $750

    1/8/2013 pulled Trans and Equifax reports. There is a female  that is only 1 year and 3 days older than me that had the same First and last name as me that was from the same city I was born in and her SS was the same as mine but the last 2 were backwards. Crazy Right!!!!!!  I have been fighting with that for years!!!  Last night I sat down and  called in and removed all of her stuff again from my reports I did the EX a few months ago. I dont have any collections other than things that say IIB I have a couple small pay day loans that show Paid as agreed and  a couple other things tht say that as well. I do have 1 item that  says paid in full for lower amount. I know I can try to GW that.

SCORES:   On  Credit Karma my score is 585, on the experian site my score is 645, on my merrick bank cc free score thing my score is 637 and last my Credit one bank free score is 627. I know they are not the real score but it gives you an idea.

 I just got into a lease on my house where I rent with option to buy after the first year.  We pay rent through Clear Now  and it reports to 2 or the 3 CB to help build my credit before  I try to go get a home loan.  My question is what do I do next? I need to build my credit score up a little more and I have 11 months to do it. If you were me what would you do??

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Re: What should my next move be???

You will need to know your FICO scores if possible.  You can get an EQ and a TU here.  I say that because CK is over 80 points lower than my actual FICO.  Keep doing what you're doing now.  Pay on time, look for any baddies on your report.

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