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I had a medical baddie show up on my credit report. I had a procedure done that out sourced the reading of my exray. They failed to send my insurance info.
I called CA. She agreed to delete the derogatory from my credit report if i pif. Which i did. I filed with my insurance and they've also sent payment to the oc.
CA said it would take 30 to 45 days to be deleted. My lender pulled my credit report around three weeks later. It is still there but balance is listed as 0.
My question is has the CA went back on her word or has EQ just not deleted yet?
I'm planning on calling her first thing Monday. I only need a 5 point score increase to close on my home. My nerves are shot! Any advice or info?
Thanks to this website I've increased my score 35 points in 1 month. Yay.
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Re: cra

The problem is that you don't have anything in writing. Best advice is to contact the CA and remind them of their agreement to delete.

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Re: cra

So youre also thinking since it has been updated that she didn't ask EQ to delete? I so wish I would've gotten it writing. I'm under a time crunch to close on my home and she said she couldn't send it in writing but she would keep her word. Ugh.
MY broker is going to request a deletion with EQ. She said I need to call BRS and tell the a rep from EQ would be calling to get permission to delete. I'm thinking I should speak with the lady who promised deletion. Tell her that my broker pulled my CR and noticed that the derog was still present and was going to have EQ call her for permission. That way she is reminded of her promise to delete without mentioning that she updated it as a pif. I'm afraid to make her mad and have her deny the deletion. What do you think? It should i be more forward with her?
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Re: cra

I think a lot will depend upon the, excuse the expression, integrity of the debt collector.


When calling, I would remind them of their agreement.  If you get a bunch of double talk, I would simply advise them that you are going to take two steps...

1. File a formal complaint with the FTC, advising of their breach of agreement, and

2. File a direct dispute with them for inaccurate reporting, requiring them to put in writing confirmation that they made no such agreement, and refuse to comply.


The FTC complaint will at least require an answer, so they may want to avoid.

As for the direct dispute, it will require them to conduct a reasonable internal investigation of their records and verify in writing their position.  It may simply result in verification, but perhaps someone in management will review the acts of their underling.  If management does not sanction their action, and they most likely have phone recordings upon which to review the "agreement," they may come forth with some integrity. 

Additionally, their phone records would be discoverable in any subsequent legal action, so it would be perilous if they had knowingly provided verification that is contrary to their own records.


Those two steps are fully and properly supported by the FCRA, and are not idle threats.

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Re: cra

Thanks so much. It has always been the same lady to answer the phone and made all agreements and took my payment. I guess i will know right away if she has hoodwinked me. I'm praying it will be as simple as EQ calling and her confirming. Then I have to pray that it will boost my score those dreaded 5 points. I'm not sure the seller will want to give me an extension.
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