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reporting question

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reporting question

I have an old auto loan with Ally. After having perfect pay history for the loan, hit a rough patch and the last year was a string of 30 day lates. The last payment was actually CO (has since been paid).  They CO it off too soon though, they had sent a letter saying the last payment had to be made by a certain date or it would bo CO but they ended up COing it off a week early. Anyway I was preparing to start cleaning up my reports and pulled them today and I see that Ally has changed the reporting to IIB/discharged. I did have a CH7 about 7 years ago and this loan was reaffirmed, not dicharged.


I have no way of knowing what effect this had on my score because I have'nt bought my score in close to a year and want to hold off another 2-3 weeks before buying it again. It seems to me like this is a good thing though?  To have a paid CO with a string of lates change to discharged in BK. Should I let it stay like it is or fight it? Thoughs?

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