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Getting divorced -- any way to both keep our oldest account on record?

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Re: Getting divorced -- any way to both keep our oldest account on record?

Walt_K wrote:


Not sure if the OP is still watching this thread, but a full Experian report has an account number that can be of use.  It isn't your Amex account number, it is a number generated for the report for security purposes, but they can associate it with your account.  You have to have a full Experian report like from because the number will be truncated if you pulled the report elsewhere.  I was able to have them locate an old Amex account using this number when they could not find my account with my name or SSN. 


You may have to be persistent and call a few different CSRs.  The first CSR told me that he had no idea what number I was looking at because it had too many digits and was not an Amex number.  He took the number down anyway and said he would open an investigation.  I also sent a message through the secure message center.  A few days later, they backdated my account.

Wow, very interesting! I haven't read this before. Certainly worth a try, and a nice testament to AmEx being willing to do some digging.

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