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Cardpool users?

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Cardpool users?

Anyone here ever use


I've looked at it several times and it's intriguing, just haven't pulled the trigger yet.


I think I might try it this year though.  Some of the card savings are pretty significant on food which is a daily spend for me.


Plus if I get 5% back then couple that with a 2% CC to purchase it then I'm really getting 7% savings on that purchase. 



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Re: Cardpool users?

I've been using Cardpool for several years now.  For me, it's been 100% reliable on both when I purchase and/or sell GCs.  For your initial $1,000, use topcashback for an additional bonus when you buy or sell GCs.



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Re: Cardpool users?

Yes I use it all the time. I can never find grocery gift cards there though, they're always sold out. 

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