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Chase Freedom Design??

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Chase Freedom Design??

This may belong in the smorgasboard forum, and if so, I apologize. I wasn't 100% positive where I should place it.


Anywho. When looking at images of the Chase Freedom on their website and in peoples' signatures, it looks as it the word "Freedom" aligns with the chip in large font across the whole card, with only the name of the cardholder being in raised letters on the front of the card. (Similar to how the CSP/CSR are formatted)


After PCing to the Chase Freedom earlier this month, I received a card with an embossed card number and the "Freedom" was written above the embossed number. The "Freedom" text seems to be slightly smaller and moved up/left compared to the image on their website and in peoples' images (which I understand are public images, not their real cards).


When I sent an SM to Chase regarding a change to the card that is advertised and seems to have the cardholder info printed on the back, instead of embossed/raised on the front, they responded to me saying that a change to that card was unavailable because it doesn't exist. I just wanted to confirm with fellow myFicoers who had the same card on if I should try sending another SM to perhaps get a different representative.


I was curious if others' Chase Freedom cards look like the ones that are marketed, or like the one I described in the latter description. This is not an urgent matter, the above SM that I received from Chase is what sparked my curiosity.

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Re: Chase Freedom Design??

My card looks like the latter description.

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Re: Chase Freedom Design??

I have the freedom like yours with the embossed numbers in the front with the freedom on top of it. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think the freedom comes in the style where the info is on the back. All the freedom/ freedom unlimited card images you see advertised looks like that, but are just advertised card images. So the one you got is the right one, that's how mine is and everyone else's I think.
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Re: Chase Freedom Design??

Same Here as previous posters
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