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Gift Cards

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Gift Cards

The purchase fee for Visa, MC and Amx gift cards depending on the amount can vary from $ 2.95 to $ 5.95. 

Anyone know where you can get these type gift cards with no purchase fee or minimal purchase fee?

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Re: Gift Cards

On a day-to-day basis, not that I am aware of.   


AMEX does occasionally run promotions where a discount code will reduce or waive the purchase fee or for free shipping.


Staples does somewhat regularly have promotions for $200 in-store gift cards where the activation fee is waived.  Some offers are for Visas, some for Mastercard.


Simon Malls also has promotions where they discount the purchase fee, those are fairly popular within a certain niche as they allow bulk purchases of cards with fairly high denominations.

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Re: Gift Cards

I do not recommend purchasing gift cards unless you are actually gifting. Your credit cards are much more secure.

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