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**bleep** Experian

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**bleep** Experian

why is Experian so popular with banks now....geez it seems like everyone is an EX puller. I remember starting rebuild journey in the mid-2000's everyone seemed to be pulling EQ. oh well....

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Re: **bleep** Experian

Actually it can go by state, region, sections of the country. One company may pull EQ in Florida. But pull EX in CA.

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Re: **bleep** Experian

I know, I don't know what's up with that. When I applied for a Bank Of America card 2 years ago they pulled EQ. Live in the same area and applied for the same BOA card and they pulled Experian. Most of my credit card apps pull Experian. My 2 store cards pulled EQ.

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Re: **bleep** Experian

I agree with this statement. Nearly everyone pulls EX here also.

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