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6 Year Old Delinquency

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6 Year Old Delinquency

I have a student loan (USDE) from 2011 of $1297 that ended up being $1600 over time and last year around tax season they collected about half of the total. I don't really know why but I never got around to paying it, thinking that because it has been this long it wouldn't have any impact on my credit, but of course it did/has and it's thanks to myFico that I've learned so much.

So today I decided to pay off the remaining balance of $897 between 2 of my cards (for UTI reasons) they said that it will be reflective on their system in 4-5 days and that it could take 4-6 weeks for it to reflect on my credit report but I could call to expedite the process.

I'm so glad I finally took care of this as waiting one more year for it to drop off wasn't really an option considering I'm trying to build and move forward. 2017 has been great for me so far with my Flagship approval and CashRewards CLI.

My question is, how will it appear on my credit report? Because as it stands right now it shows up on denied apps as "Serious Delinquency"

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