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Credit First Student Loans not being reported

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Credit First Student Loans not being reported

I am attempting to pay off my student loans, and I have been paying on them since Nov. its is now April, I have found out two things they will not report the new paymensts so the older payments with lates show up on my credit report. Second none of the 187.00 a month is going to principle, all is going to lates (is this ok).  After they take late and service fees I owe more on the debt. I am so frustrated with this. If they arn't reporting then I could be using this money to erase other debt that does report. 


I am looking for advice on how to handle this in a professional way that helps me get rid of these loans once and for all.

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Re: Credit First Student Loans not being reported

Are these private loans or a federal loans? The rules differ.
If they're private, I'm sorry I can't be of assistance. I do know that the Student Loan Hero website is very useful to find answers to most student loan questions.

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