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HELP with Collection Agency


Re: HELP with Collection Agency

UPDATE!! Since I have been helping my fiance, she met with two BK attorney's. The first experience is in the previous posts. The second one offered a retainer fee of $750 but was only going to try and setup a payment plan. It seems I have been trying to do the same (as the attorney offered) at no cost.


Since then, Rubin & Rothman, sent a courier and I guess technically served my fiance with papers. With the papers I guess it gives her 30 days to respond, which we have with Rubin & Rothman. My fiance gave me permission to talk with the collection agency, Rubin & Rothman, and the collection representative has been nothing but a bear. I told he representative what she can afford and she wants like $150 per account (4 accounts). I told her she only makes $XX,XXX. She responded that you need to send in W-2, pay stubs, etc.


My questions:


1. Is there any statutes of limitations with private co-sgined student loans?


2. If we offered what she can offer, do they have to accept it?


3. Should we send in the requested information?


4. What happens with the served papers?


Like I said in the previous posts, she fell on hard times due to a job loss. She explored Ch 7 but doesn't want her dad on the hook. He explored Ch 7, but I think he gave us an excuse (not sure what it meant)


Any help or suggestions would be great

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Re: HELP with Collection Agency

well may not be much help,but my wife had federal student loan co signed by her sister and when she done bankruptsy few years back it went to her sister.

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